Company management

Alfa Concrete is managed by a Board of Directors (Ioannis Fotiou, Charalambos Antoniou, Andreas Antoniou) which is always up to the tak of meeting customer requirements on a very short notice.

The company is structured in specialized and fully manned departments; Order Taking, Sales, Customer Service, Financial Management, Buying, Project Management.

The company’s work is supported by a continuously upgrated quality control system according to the International Organization for Standardization EN ISO 9001:2008 with registration number 04 100 050589.

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Prominent priority is given to recognizing and satisfying the customer’s needs. As a result all our customers come in contact with the managers and conclude to eminent decisions that confirm the excellent administration and operation of Alfa Concrete.

Under the exceptional administration of our managers using their long years of expertise, Alfa Concrete has achieved to become the new major force on the concrete market, showing impressive growth rates and great success.

A proof to that is the continuous loyalty of our customers and our increasing market share.