Eskal Ltd.


eskalAcquisition of ESKAL LTD which owns the existing quarry in St. Mamas. The products available are: Aggregates

  • for concrete CYS EN 12620:2002 + A1: 2008
  • for asphalt CYS EN 13043:2002 + A1: 2008
  • for mortar CYS EN 13139:2002 + A1: 2008

The quarrying company for producing gravel and sand began in 1972 at a different site and moved to their current site in St. Mamas quarry zone in 1985, where they currently have quarrying activity.

The company has existing quarrying permits as well as permission for said gravel quarrying facilities, and a class A quarrying privilege. Geologically the area is characterized by the presence of rocks of the Troodos ophiolite complex while in the area covered by the privilege, venous rocks are showing, which is one of the best rocks for quarrying purposes and production of gravel and sand.

The unit is equipped with modern machinery and can provide high quallity materials in accordance with Cyprus standards at a capacity of one thousand five hundred (1500) cubic meters per day of which 75% is gravel and 25% is sand.

The strategic location of the facility and the excellent quality of production materials offer the possibility of sales in all areas of building and development projects that are expected to be developed in the coming years.



domokosAcquisition of DOMOKOS LTD which owns a quarry in Kellia area, Larnaca.

Domokos Ltd was founded in 1975 and was mainly engaged in mining stone for masonry in construction. In 1995 the company invested in new and modern machinery for processing limestone sandstone to produce sand for concrete according to CYS EN 12620:2002 + A1: 2008