Enviromental Policy

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Alpha Concrete Ltd considers protection of the environment and public health and safety to be vital and of major importance to the entire aspect of our business, thus is committed to their constant protection and preservation.

This goal is achieved by focusing on the following targets;

  • Improvement of environmental awareness and working practices of all employees.
  • Creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment on aspects of personal protection, hazard avoidance systems on production units, correct safety marking and safety plans.
  • Improvement of procedures in order to minimize water consumption as well as dust and noise levels.
  • Recycling and reusing of materials (e.g. metals, oils, rubber, concrete waists and paper).

In order to achieve the above, the company the company has enacted programs of environmental control that are based on the following princibles

  • Compliance with current legislation, standards, regulations and company policy.
  • Meeting resources requirements.
  • Effective briefing of and communication with shareholders, personnel, clients, associates and society.

Our environmental policy and targets are often reviewed and re-evaluated, as results are being analyzed and action is being taken towards better results.